Jan. 23rd, 2009

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...So I may have gone to sleep last night at 5 and slept for 15 hours. Ugh, I felt so crappy. Dizzy and disoriented, not able to focus on anything. Little bit better today, though, thank God. (Or not, since I just thought that 10 came after 8 for a second there. *slaps head*)

Also, I haven't been sure whether or not to say something here about Obama. I'm quite definitely in support of his Presidency, but not too much sure how much of my business it is, not being an American. Although, his (and about what, 60% of Americans?) great-great-great something lived in Offaly. But I came across this video on MSN this morning, and found it on youtube again so I could link it (their videos usually have a longer shelf-life). http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=fgnAz7A_i0s It's kind of cool, I think. It's not just that they're promising support for him, they're promising support for people, and I think that that hopefully might sum up Obama's presidency. Also, psst, [livejournal.com profile] mintyfiend! Did you see Ashlee in there?

Also, on the topic of Obama and change, I find it awesome that the very first day of his Presidency he makes moves to fulfill one of his election promises and close Guantanamo. Call me naive, but I really think that he's a new sort of politician. We'll see, I guess, but the mood is hopeful. I had more to say on this, I'm sure, but I'm still blurry. Maybe later.


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