Mar. 12th, 2009

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So, I had an absurd dream last night, where I was back in 1st year, at a lecture we had over the destruction of lockers, which had somehow in my dream morphed into a lecture on energy. I was still me, but I was 12 again.

And it's kinda had me thinking this morning over what I'd do if I was to get a "do-over", I suppose. If I was to actually be back in first year again, as a 19/12 year old. There's not very much. A couple of big things and a few little lifestyle changes. I'd probably start the guitar earlier, and try and get my body into the habit of being fit - mostly because these are things I'm doing now, and I wouldn't like to change who I am completely from now. Although, having said that, since I'm 19 and I was 12, there'd probably be a lot of lifestyle changes anyway.

There are a couple of major things I'd change if I could - fatal accidents, an Incident. Stuff that hurt the people I care for. But who really knows what is preordained anyway, that I couldn't change if I tried. Would people listen to me if I warned them?

I'd probably try and grab some of my friends a bit younger too. LO, I love you and do not know what I'd do without you, and you'd probably be first on my list. Sorry! (Also, hi, I'm gonna go over comments and your LJ soon as I get into work... you might not catch this before then anyway.) Wouldn't do anything to the ones I caught early - lol, hi JA! If you're still around on LJ...

All in all, there's really not that much. I'm pretty happy with who I am now, and how I've lived my life. In honour of this theme, this(was trying to find Garth Brooks' "The Dance" too, but youtube appears to have let me down...).


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