May. 13th, 2009

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So I went to donate blood yesterday, first time ever. Woohoo! But they wouldn't take it. :( Because I was born outside the country, they had to take a sample (four samples, actually, ow) so they could make sure I was ok. Which is understandable. Not so understandable was the prohibition of "males who have had anal or oral sex with another male, whether or not protection was used". Surely the whole point of protection is to safeguard against communicable diseases, so I don't understand why they would be afraid of transmitting something with people who have used protection. ??

Anyway, I gave my samples and asked if the tingling in my arm was normal (I was assured that that was fine). She then asked me if I felt ok, and I told her I was a little nauseous (not thinking that was anything unusual). She gave me a worried look, took my hand and made me go over and lie down on a stretcher/bed thing, and they pulled a screen around me. Freaking mortifiying. I still don't know why I felt faint, but I think it happens to people every so often. I'm not weird, I swear! *coughbutnotinaninfectiousway*

Anyway. My arm still tingles, and my elbow's sore. Big baby that I am, can't take it after all the rugby bruises I've got. :D

Other than that, I had Panic on my iPod all Monday, and heard NITA in Supervalu when I was picking up Emily. Then I was listening to FOB on my way down and up to pick the Shorty up from school yesterday (she threw up as soon as she got in, she's not been feeling great), and got home to Dance Dance on the radio! o.o I must be psychic, no?


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