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So, last but by no means least, [personal profile] lady_deathangel 's "in your eyes (beauty be found)". Brendon/Ryan, highschool crossdressing. This was the second one I beta'd, and before I read it, I wasn't too gone on it, simply because I'm really not a Brendon/Ryan by themselves fan. But I adored reading this, even though I'm pretty sure I drove the author crazy with how long it took me to get back to her, and my rambling off into other topics when I did email back. I love how vulnerable but still super-strong Brendon is in this, and how Ryan is so freaking messed up and doesn't even know it. It's always weird to read Panic high school AUs, because the scenarios could easily be an alternate history. This one defined itself as an actual AU really early on, which was brilliant for me, considering I tend to get confused.
(She also wrote me the loveliest beta thank you ever. Seriously.)

I'm actually really ridiculously relieved that they're all up now. I can't imagine how the authors themselves feel. :D
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I am totally in the mood for office AUs at the moment and I have no idea why, so reading this was a huge pleasure. [ profile] elleheartsyou 's Dreaming of Manhattan, my third Big Bang beta. Jon/Spencer and Brendon/Ryan, whereby Spencer works in Decaydance Records, Pete's - as in RL - music producing company. Complete AU, not a twist or what if, but still very very awesome. I love the little glimpse of normality which isn't very normal, and aside from GSF and Brendon/Spencer, I have a soft spot for Jon and Spencer, so I definitely loved how adorable this was.

In other news, LO is home, and I'm stuck at work! :( Not cool.

Ooh, Spencer Reid in the moodtheme! Wtf is it with me and guys with the name Spencer? Excepting your manno from what's-it-called, The Hills, of course.
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Eee! Second beta'd story is UP! This one is [ profile] withertime 's "one step forward (two steps back)". I found this one so intiguing when I was reading it. I don't think I'd ever seen Jon/Brent before, and a lot of the time I get sick of people (the band themselves, even) bashing Brent Wilson's character. Obviously, I wasn't there when all this went down, but the fact still remains that they were all just kids, and still only finding out what they wanted from life. Plus, I adore tech!Jon, so this was pretty much an awesome story for me to read. I'm already waiting on a sequel.
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Eee!! The first of my beta'd fics is up! [profile] moku_youbi 's Let Each who is Worthy, an awesome AU where Brendon never joined Panic in high school, and instead sticks with religion. Panic GSF. The story is wonderful, and the art is fantastic too! I haven't listened to the mixes yet, but I'll bet they're fabulous as well.

:D ♥ :D ♥ :D


May. 31st, 2009 07:42 pm
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(Note to all: This post will more than likely be all caps. Turn away now if you want to keep your brain intact.)  )
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One down, two to go!!! A little behind schedule, but not too much! (Also, attaching fic to email is probably a vital step in sending back a beta job. :S)

In other news; Damn you, Star Trek. DAMN YOU. I do not need a new fandom right at this moment, you couldn't have waited a week or two to let the fascination set in??
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I think I probably picked the most inconvenient weekend to go away EVER. 2 fics (possibly 3) to beta before the Big Bang deadline in a couple of weeks?? *headdesk* 

Maybe LO will let me borrow her laptop at strategic points during the weekend? *grovels hopefully*



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