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...whether last night was absolutely fantastic or completely horrible. A little bit of both, I'd say. Last night, you see, was debs night. Which would have been fine, mostly, if all I'd had to do was show up and look pretty. Well, maybe not the looking pretty part, but the showing up, I could do. Sadly, I chaired the organising committee. So I really was stressing through most of yesterday, trying to make sure that everything would go off ok. And it did, for the most part, except for minor hitches, so that was brilliant. (On a side note, thank God for school photographs. We'd had a year photo done a few months earlier, so when it came to organising our big group photo last night, all I had to do was yell at people to stick to the rows that they had been in for the school photo. Made what could have been an hour long procedure about 10 minutes, which was fantastic because the food had to be served pretty much straight after we took it.)

The major problem last night, and I must admit it wasn't totally unexpected, was the people who got so langers they couldn't stand. One lad in particular was gone about halfway through the night. Sadly, one of my group of friends got herself in a bit of a situation with another friend because of the amount of drink she had on board, and the things she did while inhibitions were lowered. At least three people got kicked out, people's bags were stolen and lost... a normal night out, I guess, and all the drama that goes with it. I was glad to get out of there by the end, and there's where my night went sour.

I must admit I felt so sorry for a lot of the dates that were there last night. I mean, it was grand if the couple wer actually going out, or knew they were going as friends. But I know people that took almost complete strangers, and people that took a lad that didn't really know anyone there. Which I really wouldn't want to do, it's really not fair on the poor guy. I'll tell you, my mother may think that I'll regret my decision to go by myself in years to come, but as long as I'm capable of remembering the night, I'm pretty sure I won't. It wasn't cool for the dates, and it really was a hassle for the girls themselves. And hey, I'm proud to be an individual, even if I didn't end up being the only one to go "stag".

On another note, I'm gonna go really girly here (which believe me, doesn't happen often) and squeal about people's dresses. They were absolutely beautiful, the girls really looked phenomenal. Apparently I didn't look bad myself, but people try to force compliments onto me a lot of the time that I don't necessarily agree with, so meh. But yeah. Mostly, people seemed to enjoy the night. So for me, that's the main thing, whatever my personal feeling about it. And as far as I'm aware, nobody got set on fire, so bonus points there!!

Getting up at nine this morning to try and go in for the traditional breakfast was not fun, though. In any case, I overslept and missed it, but I'm going back to Clon later with some of the girls, so that's good!


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