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Ok, so because I'm feeling a little bit off today and totally putting off doing any sort of work whatsoever, I'm just gonna type here, doing a round up of fandoms that I am currently interested in. Note here that I do not use the words "fan of", because yeah. I don't do fangirling. I have enough people around me who will (And on that note, sometimes I wonder why I don't just give in to the madness that is people I know - and not just the fangirling thing). But anyway!

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Can I contain my excitement at the Dr. Who S4 second to last episode?? Absolutely not. I changed my default dp on MSN, and my default icon here. I'm in the process of messing around with some screenshots for wallpaper, and trying to distract myself from racing to the TV to switch on the tape again. I've been on various boards for the last few days (ooh, speaking of which, I really should check out, I've never looked for Dr. Who on there... and getting distracted by said boards is probably not a good idea to finish the entry),

[profile] lifeonmartha in particular, and I just can't stop counting down to next Saturday. I suppose I should probably put the rest of my rambles under a cut for spoilers, shouldn't I? Yes, I should. Ok.


Ugh, my grammer's gone out the window in the mush that is my brain after this episode. Lord, it has to be JA and LO's influence, I was never a fangirl before I got to know them!! ...Actually, I'm still not really a fangirl now. It's just this. But the rambling's shorter than I expected, for now at least. I might edit it later when I re-watch the ep, we'll see.
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So!! I watched the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who about a half an hour I'm going to ramble for a bit, to test out LJ cuts, I guess.  I completely blew off study to watch it, which isn't good with Irish orals next week. But do I care? Nope, so here we go!

Ok, then, I suppose that's it. If anyone stumbles their way across this and wants to let me know what they thought of the episode, or what they think of the new season, what they're looking forward to, etc, you're completely welcome to comment me!!


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