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So, the whole LC trip is underway. JA, LO, EF and I are currently in residence in Hatter's hostel, in central Manchester. Well, just left of central, I suppose. We had a fun time at the airport Friday evening; got Subway (wow, iced tea that isn't NestlĂ©. Who knew Ireland could be so progressive.), JA took off her shoes at the airport security to save time, got a new book (I know, I know) and waited an extra hour or so in the new terminal for a delayed plane. Which is not as cool as the old one. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's nice looking. But I have quite a few memories of the old one: watching people leave, greeting people arriving, being there myself for travelling from Canada, etc. I miss the birds. And the fish. And standing in the upstairs lobby watching the planes fly in. 

But anyway, sentimental rambling. We got to Manchester, and I've been berated by the girls a hundred times for slipping into various languages along the way. I can't help it, just so you know. If I think in it, then unless I'm with people that I don't know, I won't bother to translate. Cos that's just too much effort. 

The hostel is nice, and my summer plan (learning to cook) is progressing. I did chicken stir fry last night (seperate veg for EF, the vegetablarian of the group) and managed not to give anyone food poisoning, so that's a start, right? I also keep bumping into one of the staff while cooking (I did lunch today as well), so she's been quite cool to talk to.

We're splitting up on Tues morn, LO and EF are going off to London for a few days, and me and JA - or JA and I, whatever floats your boat - are going to do Alton Towers, Leeds and possibly a manga exhibition for the three days they're gone. Should be fun, I think. Anyway, that's me now. I'll be home soon, looking forward to that as much as anything else. Here's praying that nothing happens to us for the remainder of the trip, and I suppose I'll post again when I get the chance! Which might end up not being until I get home on Friday. At which time I'm going to start writing again. The year long hiatus imposed by the bloody LC has not been fun.


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