Jun. 8th, 2009 12:29 pm
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Bandom Big Bang starts TODAY!! I've just had a look over the comm, and there's at least 4 lovely new stories for me to get my teeth into. Plus, now that they're all done, people are hopefully going to start posting new things again!! Freaking awesome!

(Slightly more selfishly, I'm kind of hoping I might be credited on the stories I did beta work for. That's not awful, right?)

On an entirely seperate note, I must have a look at the final tally on European and County elections. As far as I've seen so far, Fine Gael has been featuring very highly, as have the Independants and Others. Sinn Féin also seems to have nabbed quite a few seats, while the Greens seem to have been almost decimated. Éamonn Gilmore, I think, is the latest to call on Biffo for a General Election, after these results. Here's hoping my vote counted!

Oooh, and also. Sims 3 freaking ROCKS. An entirely different game to Sims 2, and the graphics don't seem to have advanced that much - but I'm loving the open neighbourhood layout, and various functions that I keep discovering and going "Huh" to.
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See this stupid weather outside? I have to train in it. :(

Will update this later with a take on the mini-Budget. 
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Ar dheis Dé go raibh siad. To think that I had really thought that we had gone beyond this, and that finally, people were looking for peace. It's the sort of thing that makes your stomach turn, really, isn't it? For too long, people have been living in fear in Northern Ireland. With both islands falling in an economic shambles and people struggling to make lives for themselves, why are the Real IRA choosing now again to make their cause known? Why try to split up a province which needs unity, now as much as ever? What's gone wrong over the last year in Northern Ireland that the IRA feel the need to blame the British for now again? Two young men dead and another four wounded. Why do people too often decide that the best course of action is war?

Also, ar dheis Dé go raibh siad. A cousin of mine is the first victim in those road accidents, but it's heartbreaking to see all three deaths, especially that little baby's. I hope that those in hospital after these recover well, we don't need more tragedies.

A not so nice day today. Time to make a change.
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...So I may have gone to sleep last night at 5 and slept for 15 hours. Ugh, I felt so crappy. Dizzy and disoriented, not able to focus on anything. Little bit better today, though, thank God. (Or not, since I just thought that 10 came after 8 for a second there. *slaps head*)

Also, I haven't been sure whether or not to say something here about Obama. I'm quite definitely in support of his Presidency, but not too much sure how much of my business it is, not being an American. Although, his (and about what, 60% of Americans?) great-great-great something lived in Offaly. But I came across this video on MSN this morning, and found it on youtube again so I could link it (their videos usually have a longer shelf-life). It's kind of cool, I think. It's not just that they're promising support for him, they're promising support for people, and I think that that hopefully might sum up Obama's presidency. Also, psst, [ profile] mintyfiend! Did you see Ashlee in there?

Also, on the topic of Obama and change, I find it awesome that the very first day of his Presidency he makes moves to fulfill one of his election promises and close Guantanamo. Call me naive, but I really think that he's a new sort of politician. We'll see, I guess, but the mood is hopeful. I had more to say on this, I'm sure, but I'm still blurry. Maybe later.

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My dad got sent this and sent it on. As a History student, I know a lot (if not most) of these events and people by name or sight, and a lot of them I've actually studied. The rest are now my new project for the summer! Take a look.

I'm also off to Manchester for the week with a few friends this evening. It should be good craic. Don't you just love summer holidays?

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So Ireland has done what no other population in Europe had a chance to, and turned down the Lisbon Treaty. The No vote ended up with 53.3% to the Yes side's 46.6%. Two of my friends and I - probably the most politically minded of our group - got sorted in time to vote. I think LO was a little bit let down by the whole experience, she's been building it up in her mind for years (you have, L, I know you have); I think LM didn't really mind one way or the other because she got her vote in. She went down seperately to her parents. Mine, however, accompanied me down to vote themselves. They were more fussed than I was; my mam was ridiculously sentimental about it, wanted to take a picture of me putting the ballot in the box and everything. I refused, of course, what's the big deal? ... It did feel kind of cool to go in and vote, though. I'm glad that I had something to vote on in my first year - and not just any general election either, but an issue that would affect the whole of Europe.

Although, with every other government going ahead with ratification processes, it doesn't seem to be a very democratically minded Treaty. Of course, the fact that we were the only European country where the people got to decide themselves (we had to, thank God for Irish Constitutional Law) doesn't say much for the democratic nature of the Lisbon Treaty in the first place. I wonder just how many people across Europe would have voted No if they'd been given the choice? I know we elect our governments to speak for us, but when the issue is so big it demands a change in the fabric of the law, there is no WAY that a government decision should automatically put into place. That does not in any way reflect the will of the people.

I can't wait to see what this will do to Irish politics, though. There's chaos in Dáil Éireann, with Fine Gael blaming Fianna Fáil and FF trying to pass the buck onto another party. Brian Cowen has failed his first political trial as Taoiseach rather miserably, I feel. And with Sinn Féin being the party to back the winning vote, their stock would rise quite dramatically in politics. Gerry Adams is already declaring victory in a "David and Goliath" style referendum (and I think that's a direct quote), and the reflection of SF as being on the side of the people is going to shake the hierarchy of the Oireachtas violently. Here's praying that we're a bit more civilised than a Second Irish Civil War, huh?

In other news, my Physics exam (described quite vehemently be someone on in an LBJesque "that bitch of an exam") is tomorrow. Oh dear Lord, somebody save me now. I've done about 16 hourse of Physics this weekend, and I guarantee you that I will go into the GPR tomorrow (where the exams are being held) and forget absolutely everything. Oh well, at least I don't need it to pass the LC! Though it would not be fun to have an E stamped right across the Certificate in August. Maybe I should drop down??

Only two more exams until freedom!!

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So. The Lisbon Treaty referendum is on Thursday, and I have every intention of voting. I got up to Cork on the last possible day to hand in the form to add me to the supplementary Register of Electors and everything. It was quite cool, I've always been issue-conscious and I've wanted to vote for years. However! I still haven't got my polling card for Thursday. Now, the lady that I gave the form into said I'd probably get it later than my parents, considering I'm only on the Supplementary Register this year. But four days before the election, even if I get it on Monday? That's cutting it a bit close, isn't it?

But either way, even if I don't get a chance to vote on it, I'm hoping - and this I'm only saying here, I don't want to influence the votes of the people around me by giving my opinion - quite strongly for a "No" vote. Frankly, I can't really see anything it does for Ireland as a country, the promises made by our lovely new Taoiseach (who really isn't much of an improvement over Bertie at all) just aren't holding up in my mind, and quite a few of the conditions that it will impose on our voting power both in and out of the country - the majority vote increase, for example - seem dubious at best.

And I have to love the Fianna Fáil "Yes" booklet that's making the rounds. Its main argument is what the EU has done for us in the past, rather than what the Treaty will do for us in the future. And really, that's not an incentive to vote positively at all, is it? What annoys me is that I know a lot of people - my dad included - that can't even be bothered to look at the information booklet and inform themselves what it's about! Honestly, that's just annoying. I mean, there's a huge campaign going on to inform Ireland about the decision we're making here, and people just don't care! I mean, I can understand people voting "Yes" if they know what they're voting for. I can more easily understand a "No", but that's personal opinion. But to not even bother and just go in and randomly tick a box on the day? That just baffles me.


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