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Life throws me for a loop completely sometimes.

I'm watching the London Marathon on BBC2. I've seen people running after having open heart surgery twice, those who've been running from the very beginning of the marathon's life, random strangers helping each other across the finish line, people running in stars and as comic book heroes and The Stig, people running for mothers and brothers and children and in memory of them. There's a lady at the moment who's sacrificed her own finish time to wait just inside the end for her sister (a little over 20 minutes behind at this point, and still waiting) to catch up with her and cross the line together. 

It's absolutely insane, I look at politics and the economy and various different struggles going on in life at the moment, and everything seems so disheartening, so horrible. And then I see people like this, pushing themselves harder and harder for someone, and I am amazed at life, at humanity. At people. It's really inspiring. I don't even care how much of a sap or whatever that makes me. It's just crazy. This planet, huh?

I'm going to do a marathon like this someday. About 4 or 5 times the length of the Mini Marathon, but I will do it. Hold me to it, people! I'm going to do my part.

ETA: She's found her sister, at 3:53 hours. Congratulations to both!

Oh, also. My deepest sympathies to Tomás O'Leary. That was devestating to watch, the worst possible scenario to happen. I hope he comes back better and stronger for it, that injury at this time in particular has got to be heartbreaking. It's heartbreaking to supporters, I can't imagine how he's feeling.
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