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Hiya! Ok, so introductions. Not really such a smart idea considering this is online and ANYONE could see and stalk me. :-) I'm Nikita, I'm a legal adult and I'm Canadian/Irish. Born in Canada, raised in Ireland. I suppose this journal is going to be my attempt at actually opening up. I'm usually too much of a private person to talk to people about myself (and you would not BELIEVE how easy it is to change the subject). I'm your archetypical Capricorn, and the words that probably sum me up best are "tough softie". I'm a moral person, and I hate narrowmindedness. And Americanisms. Well, not really Americanisms, but that's what I mostly come across, especially in fanfiction. You know, people manipulating a story or characters to make them fit the location they know best? Like Americanising manga. Or Harry Potter. I love reading, and that got me into writing. My friends are all insane, but it pretty much comes with living where I do. And I'm rambling. Ok, shutting up now!
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