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Wow, this rant got long... )
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Huh, I forgot that that was what I was dreaming about last night until just now. Mam's talking about Grandad to a supplier, and I just remembered my nightmare. I dreamed that my Grandad was still alive. Now, that really doesn't seem that bad, I know. And it really wouldn't have been - if I didn't remember the whole way through the dream that I had gone to his funeral, that I had spent two days in the house with his body, that I had read at his Mass and comforted my mother, brother, sisters, cousins through the process. Not a nice thing to be reminded this morning, I would have been happier if I could have forgotten.

In other news, this morning I totally forgot the speed limit on the road up to work. So I'm there, happily driving along, keeping my speed to 80 km/h, and I can't figure out why the cars in front are getting further and further away from me. I was like, "I'm not driving that slowly, am I?". Until I realised that, actually, yeah. 20 below the speed limit here. *rolls eyes at self*
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This is my favourite ELO song EVER. I really really love it. So upbeat and happy, and it was the only one I knew of theirs for the longest time. Adoration! Plus, it doesn't hurt that I hear it and start to bounce. Hey, there, Mr. Blue (bounce bounce), we're so pleased to be with you (bounce bounce). :)
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I cannot stop listening to New Perspective. Oooh, A Punk! Ok, so maybe something can drag me away. Not for long, probably, but still! God, I love days off.
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This was less distressing when I didn't know who the people the author was killing off were. ZACK! ANDY! Not really so much Quinn, but he seems decent enough, so !

... It's still an awesome read, though.

ETA: Ryland!! No!! Ryland!! (And in my head, Ray and Gabe get out alive, ok?!)
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So far this morning I've had to deal with: My sister taking an hour to get out of the house, being stuck behind a car going zero kph. Being caught in front of a driver doing 120 kph. Getting caught at the very last second at 2 traffic lights (which, admittedly, wasn't so bad, considering I had a clear run most of the way) and - my favourite - almost getting mowed into by a people carrier coming the Wrong Way up a stretch of road then not stopping until he was halfway onto the roundabout. I ask you. Here's hoping that the rest of today will give me less reasons to be pissy.

(Also, I think if my aunt is as disgustingly impolite as she's been to me the past two days when I go to visit Nanny again this evening, I might actually strangle her. Ignoring her doesn't seem to be working, and - unlike her - I actually have some manners when it comes to telling people off. It's actually deplorable, and I know she was raised better. ... Yes, I'm aware I sound like an old woman. I don't care. It's pissing me the hell off.)
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How do you talk to a 7 year old about death? Try to be strong for your family when you feel like falling apart? Coordinate the return of people halfway across the world on an emergency schedule and a funeral at the same time? Drive the motorway while you can barely see for tears? Not by yourself, I guess the answer is.

Joseph Stephen Gimblett, beloved brother, husband, father and grandfather. 26th December 1931 - 4th August 2009. Ar dheis Dé go bhfuil sé.
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I will never understand that 2 hour ritual that people go through in the mornings to get ready to go out. It takes me, including shower and breakfast, 20 minutes, roughly. From asleep to out the door in 10, if I skip food and get it later. People's interest in their personal hygiene and appearance is commendable. That this leads to hour long delays is not. Also, Little One? Totally an asshole-ish move to have a half-hour long shower after the water heat has been turned off for the morning. Cold showers are not good for chest infections.

On a side note, I can tie up my hair again (yay!) which means it's time to cut it. Also, Grandad's gone further downhill, which sucks ass, quite frankly.
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... that sometimes clichés actually work in real life. I guess there's a reason they're clichés. The same things keep happening to people.
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Ugh. I spent like an hour doing Staff Hours yesterday. I think I must've forgotten to save it last night, because it's gone this morning. *headdesk*


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