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Lá fhéile Phádraig díobh!! Is aoibhinn liom an fhéile seo, mar lá an tíre, agus freisin mar lá sa bhaile!!
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Dia is Muire daiobh inniú agus Lá Fhéile Pádraig Shon daoibh! Good day all, and happy St. Patrick's Day. I figure that I've been holding off on starting this journal long enough, so Paddy's Day may as well be the day I start. I was watching the O'Connell St. Parade earlier, fantastic to see so many people out for it! And the weather held, thank God. I was stunned to see so many American High School marching bands in the parade, though. We had 1 from our own country, of Clondalkin origins, I believe. I didn't even see the Garda or army bands. 

But you know, for the way we ramble and bitch about it the whole time, the Spike did cut an impressive figure on the long view shots into O'Connell St. Almost makes you proud for a minute, and then you remember how much the bloody thing cost out of public expenditure.

How many Irish public figures were actually in Ireland today? Does anyone else find it shocking that out own Taoiseach is in America?? Mind you, the Dáil are on another break for Easter, so there's nothing holding them at home.

Nonetheless, it is Paddy's Day, a day to celebrate our Irishness, so I'm off to the Bandon town parade. A bit smaller, a bit more local, but a community effort. Can't wait for it!! 

I suppose I'll put up an introductory post later, just had to wish the world well today. Slán!!


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