Aug. 10th, 2009

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So far this morning I've had to deal with: My sister taking an hour to get out of the house, being stuck behind a car going zero kph. Being caught in front of a driver doing 120 kph. Getting caught at the very last second at 2 traffic lights (which, admittedly, wasn't so bad, considering I had a clear run most of the way) and - my favourite - almost getting mowed into by a people carrier coming the Wrong Way up a stretch of road then not stopping until he was halfway onto the roundabout. I ask you. Here's hoping that the rest of today will give me less reasons to be pissy.

(Also, I think if my aunt is as disgustingly impolite as she's been to me the past two days when I go to visit Nanny again this evening, I might actually strangle her. Ignoring her doesn't seem to be working, and - unlike her - I actually have some manners when it comes to telling people off. It's actually deplorable, and I know she was raised better. ... Yes, I'm aware I sound like an old woman. I don't care. It's pissing me the hell off.)
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This was less distressing when I didn't know who the people the author was killing off were. ZACK! ANDY! Not really so much Quinn, but he seems decent enough, so !

... It's still an awesome read, though.

ETA: Ryland!! No!! Ryland!! (And in my head, Ray and Gabe get out alive, ok?!)


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