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I always have been, and it's more than likely that I always will be. I'm not even ashamed of it. Because I know that real life isn't all sunshine and roses and fairytale endings. Hell, it isn't even like that more than a quarter of the time. But here's the thing: Disney represents the good things in life. Love, trust, forgiveness. Those feeling's we're afraid to take a chance on in case we get screwed over. Which, maybe sometimes, is a smart idea. But isn't it better to give kids hope for the happy things in life than exposing them to depressives so young? Showing them that if you work hard at something, you'll get something for it, in the end? That there's someone out there for you, that'll maybe have a hope of understanding and supporting you through all the shit that life has to throw at us?

And look at it this way. We all have our dragons to face. Our curses to break. Sometimes it's nice to think that there's someone out there who's faced worse and come through it ok. Even if that someone isn't quite real, they're probably based on someone who is. Someone who got their "happily ever after", in whatever form it takes.

(Yes, I squealed my way through Enchanted again. Like I say, I'm not even sorry. :D LO, come back!! I miss you like hell, girlie.)
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Do you ever reckon you're just waiting for your life to start? 

(LO, do you want a birthday party/dinner/whatever thing when you come over?)


May. 31st, 2009 07:42 pm
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(Note to all: This post will more than likely be all caps. Turn away now if you want to keep your brain intact.)  )
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Why do the "m" and "n" keys have to be next to each other? Bad enough that I think bandom and Bandon...

Also, my parents managed to institute a swear jar in the week that I was away. (Currently, I haven't paid anything. I'm already racking up a huge debt. *headdesk*)
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How is this Earth so utterly ridiculous and completely entrancingly awesome at the same time? It always amazes me.

In other news, damned McFly have become the latest band to capture my mind. Why??
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So, I had an absurd dream last night, where I was back in 1st year, at a lecture we had over the destruction of lockers, which had somehow in my dream morphed into a lecture on energy. I was still me, but I was 12 again.

And it's kinda had me thinking this morning over what I'd do if I was to get a "do-over", I suppose. If I was to actually be back in first year again, as a 19/12 year old. There's not very much. A couple of big things and a few little lifestyle changes. I'd probably start the guitar earlier, and try and get my body into the habit of being fit - mostly because these are things I'm doing now, and I wouldn't like to change who I am completely from now. Although, having said that, since I'm 19 and I was 12, there'd probably be a lot of lifestyle changes anyway.

There are a couple of major things I'd change if I could - fatal accidents, an Incident. Stuff that hurt the people I care for. But who really knows what is preordained anyway, that I couldn't change if I tried. Would people listen to me if I warned them?

I'd probably try and grab some of my friends a bit younger too. LO, I love you and do not know what I'd do without you, and you'd probably be first on my list. Sorry! (Also, hi, I'm gonna go over comments and your LJ soon as I get into work... you might not catch this before then anyway.) Wouldn't do anything to the ones I caught early - lol, hi JA! If you're still around on LJ...

All in all, there's really not that much. I'm pretty happy with who I am now, and how I've lived my life. In honour of this theme, this(was trying to find Garth Brooks' "The Dance" too, but youtube appears to have let me down...).
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I have a new little babby cousin! Hereby duly dubbed RJG, my mother's brother's 2nd child weighed in at 6 pounds 8 oz yesterday at 5:40 ish in San Francisco, USA.

LO, again, sorry for missing your thing on Monday...

Also, Beef Szechuan is actually spicy. I didn't know this before I bought it. It's nice, I think?

And my hair is now short. I can't decide whether or not I like it aesthetically (It kind of reminds me of a haircut I had as a kid which I'm not fond of...) but it's certainly fantastic for rugby. For that value alone I may keep it, if I get used to it enough. I don't know. We'll see. The colour's gone darker as well, a kind of dark brown that goes almost red in some lights. That I do like, without qualms.

Lastly. I think I may have to start sorting my tags a little bit more complicatedly.
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If ever I ever express the bizarre wish of becoming a salesperson, please hit me until I make sense again... it's not the job for me.
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So, we were watching the Life of Brian at home yesterday (I'd never seen it before, mostly because I really didn't have that much interest), and the kids didn't know that "Always Look on the Bright side" came from it. Which was funny when you were there, the Small Fry got it mixed up with Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah. But anyway, guess what the first song I heard this morning when I came into work was? Lol. An odd coincidence, considering I don't think I've heard it on the radio in years.

But anyway, random babbling over. Question; why were songs in the 80s focused on the 21st Century? They had another decade to go before they hit it.

And LO started writing me fic! It's kind of absolutely fantastically brilliant. (Plus, I may or may not have sucked her into bandom... *whistles innocently*)

ETA 12:48pm: Nine in the Afternoon was on the radio a minute ago! For the first time in almost what, a year? :) :) Of course we had people in the office so I couldn't sing it out...
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Wow, it's been rather a long time since I've actually written anything on this thing. I mean, for serious, this is getting to be as bad as when I went on almost-permanent hiatus for fanfic. Not that too much has happened since I stopped writing; dropped out of college, Christmas, caught up with the girls, New Year's, turned 19 - which reminds me to change my profile, read, working at the office, considering the merits of moving to Canada, considering the merits of staying out of college, deciding a direction in life, the usual. Oh, and lol, JA proposed, LO, did I tell you that? We were bitching about something on Skype, can't even remember how it happened. :) We're gonna head to Italy on JA's dime.

Also, I have no idea how I knew that these guys existed for so long - well, so long being a few months, I guess - and didn't listen to anything by them. I'm kicking myself for that mistake now, cos they're kind of awesome. And maybe this way I'll be able to figure out the difference between Nate and Alex in Cobra Starship pics, though I'm still doubtful.

Thirdly, I think I'm going to have to start cataloguing my rugby bruises. My arm is ridiculously colourful, and my knees are permanently a vicious red. My shoulders are killing me as well, bloody Shannon viciousness. Apparently the girl that broke my arm three years ago was at the match on Sunday. So glad I didn't know that before the game. Also, I think I'm going to start writing again, just finish out the stories I have on the go. And get the hell out of Dodge - or the Charmed fandom, whatever.

{Psst - LO, if you're reading this, have a look at my moodtheme pic.}


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